Benefits Of Technology In The Learning Process

It is without a doubt that that technology is around us. Technology has turned out to be a major part of our everyday life up to the extent that it is hard to imagine how living in the current society could have been in the absence of advanced technology. Current technological advancements have continued to affect our lives and hence helping us grow more positive with every moving minute. Life has thus become positive with every new thing that comes out.

The benefits include

Learning is fun

The introduction of technological teaching has contributed to learning becoming fun. According to studies carried out by educational researchers, it has been discovered that students prefer the application of technology in the learning process as it makes learning more fun and interesting. This is mostly brought about by the use of laptops and tablets. It has also been discovered that subjects like the sciences that many students see to as being challenging and boring can be made more interesting by virtual learning tools such as videos and the use of tablets.

Prepares students for future

Studies have also shown that nine out of ten students think that by using technology in the learning process, they will be more equipped and prepared for the digital future. This is informed by the fact that for one to be successful in the 21 century, they have to be properly equipped technology wise. It is also worth noting that jobs that did not involve digital technology in the past may have such a component now.

Education is not only a matter of memorizing and cramming concepts, but it involves getting solutions to complex problems and integrating well with your work mates. Thus, the use of technology in the classroom is important as it sets the students ready for the highly reliable digital economy.

Facilitates an improved retention rate among students

One of the major perceptions that have been created within students is that by the use of technology they are going to retain information better. But according to some studies carried out, these students may have some truth in what they are saying. Some have come to a conclusion that technology indeed can help students remember what they have learned.

Enables students to learn at their pace

Another benefit of using technology in the learning process is that it enables students to learn at their own pace. For instance, most of the apps are programmed in a way that they have specialized and individualized instructions. Each student can learn as per their needs and abilities. This form of learning is also advantageous to teachers as it gives them the opportunity to work with students who may be struggling individually

Technology creates a better connection with students

It is no secret that technology has a major role in the students lives. When they are not in school learning, practically anything they do is related to technology. Hence by integrating technology into the learning process, it becomes easier for them to learn.


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Five Characteristics Of A Good Website For Your Business

A website defines you and your business. That is the key reason you should have a functional and unique website capable of exposing and attracting visitors to purchase your products or services. Long ago, you had to hire a web designer to develop a website for you, however, nowadays you can create a website on your own with the help of the tools available for the development of a killer website.

The following are the characteristics of a good website

Highly responsive

In the recent past, you needed a desktop computer to log into your website. However, today you can use multiple devices like smartphones and tablets to access your site. Having a highly responsive website will give users an enhanced optimal performance while they access it using multiple devices. A highly responsive website will help you reach out to a wider audience.

Social media integration

Do not overlook the potential of social media today. You should make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube among others to advertise your products. Because a huge fraction of people who are looking for goods and services online are members of one or many social media communities, integrating your website with the platforms will let you actively interact with your clients on them. In the end, you will create their confidence on you and your audience will expand significantly.

Content rich

Classic websites are free of clutter. They were clean and professional unlike most websites today. However, this is not everything. The content that you post on your site will determine the number of people visiting your site or traffic. Moreover, the content will determine your ranking on the leading search engines. Filler and plagiarized content will make your website rank poorly on search engines. Quality content that is correctly promoted will make your site rank better on search engines and have more visitors.

User friendly

A good website should be easy to use as much as possible. Visitors want to find the things that they are looking for on your site without much hassle. If your website is hard to use then without any doubt, visitors will have a difficult time finding what they are interested in and will move to your rival’s website that is much easier to use. Ensure that your site is easy to use and to navigate to help users have an easy time when visiting your site.

Less special effects

Using a few special effects is fine for enhancing the appearance of your site. However, it’s worth noting that too much of something is poisonous. Constantly changing logos or switching images will distract the attention of your visitors from the real thing. For instance, some will end up paying more attention to the graphics and forget about the content while others will be bored and close the page. Additionally, too many special effects on your website will make it slower and more users will be impatient. They will look for websites that are quick to open. Don’t chase your guests away with unnecessary special effects.…

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Asociación do Profesorado
de Tecnoloxía de Galicia.

Xornadas de Tecnoloxía
Revista e CD

Plataforma Estatal
Blog apetega virtual
Rolda de correo


logo apetega
Novas de APETEGA Actualizado o 06/05/2006
imaxe: exposiciónTecnoloxía na rúa II. Exposición de proxectos de tecnoloxía.
Compostela, 2 de xuño de 2006.

Este ano volvemos de novo á rúa cos proxectos dos nosos alumnos e alumnas. Será o venres 2 de xuño pola tarde, posiblemente na Praza do Toural. Informaremos proximamente de máis detalles da convocatoria. De momento, ide preparando os proxectos deste ano.

Podes ver aquí a información da exposición que fixemos o curso pasado.

VI Xornadas de Tecnoloxía de Galicia
Grazas a todas e a todos pola vosa participación. Sen vós, as Xornadas de Tecnoloxía non serían posibles.

Se tes fotografías, vídeos e material dos obradoiros das xornadas de Xinzo da Limia, envíanolos para publicalos nesta web. De momento poder ir vendo nesta páxina as fotos que nos van chegando.

Publicación definitiva da LOE
Podes descargar xa o texto definitivo da LOE trala aprobación definitiva polo congreso o 20/04/06

Cero prazas de tecnoloxía na oferta de emprego 2006
¿Non dicían que non ían reducir o número total de horas trala reforma da LOE? Se é así, fai falta profesorado.
A especialidade de tecnoloxía é a que máis interinos e interinas ten ¿Non deberían ofertar prazas suficientes para estabilizar as plantillas dos departamentos?
Vanse unificar as modalidades de Tecnoloxía e CC da Natureza e da saúde ¿non fará falta profesorado de tecnoloxía en máis centros?
Estamos a traballar con ratios de 30 estudiantes no taller e na aula de informática ¿Non pensan desdobrar estes grupos para mellorar a calidade do ensino?

II JJIET. II Xornadas de Innovación en Educación Tecnolóxica
Xa podedes descargar o documento de conclusións das II JJIET dende esta páxina…

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