All anti-virus software is created equal. Just like other products in the market they have the bad the good and the mediocre. If your intention is protecting your computer from malware and virus, then it’s worth noting that antivirus is standard and varied. The usability and effectiveness can either make or break antivirus program. Security software is only as good as the level of protection it offers and if you can’t figure out how to use it the chances that your computer will be affected with malware and virus are very high.

The following are the factors that you should put into consideration when choosing antivirus software

Level of protection

While most antivirus programs are tailored to provide full protection against malware and virus some are made to offer more protection than others. The best antivirus programs are tailor made to give protection against viruses and malware, but they should also provide freedom from phishing scams, rootkits, email-borne threats just to mention a few. Antivirus program may fail to provide your computer with 100% protection from virus and malware it should offer protection from as many threats on as many fronts as possible.


An antivirus is mainly developed to secure your computer, and if it fails to do that well it is not worth your money. Some developers only concentrate on including features, sounds or a sleek interface and entirely forget about the performance. Before choosing any antivirus program its a grand idea to carry out a detailed research to find the most efficient one in the market. If you notice that your computer gets attacked by virus and malware even after updating it regularly, then you should stop using it and go for one that is highly rated by users.

Easy installation and set up

Installing an antivirus program should be a straightforward task that takes the shortest time possible. If you want immediate protection, you should not waste your time installing a security program. Only choose an antivirus program that is easy to download and install otherwise you may end up misusing your time and not getting the protection that you much need.

User friendliness

An antivirus software is complicated stuff, but shouldn’t require a credit in security to install. Some of the best antivirus programs in the market have powerful features and can be run by anyone even beginners. Computer users are looking for antivirus programs that they can quickly install and forget about not one that requires constant maintenance or annoying interruptions. The best antivirus software is user-friendly and allows you to do what you want to do with just a few clicks.


An antivirus application is just as useful as its latest update. Computer viruses keep evolving just like real viruses, and that is why those that have been discovered are continuously entered to signature databases. If your antivirus program is up to date, then it will offer maximum protection. Modern programs have features that let them automatically update themselves regularly as soon as they are available. A reliable security software is useful, practical and easy to use. Choose one that successfully combines the right features with a usable interface.